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Maris Interiors LLP offers an unparalleled range of design, build and project management services to suit any commercial requirement.

As the UK’s leading office design and workplace experts we are devoted to building offices that truly inspire.

Office Design

Our office designers, space planners and architectural technicians are the best and most experienced in the UK. They work in a state-of-the-art studio with the very latest equipment and software.

We have consciously avoided developing an “in-house” office design style and instead concentrate on developing an understanding of a Client’s specific requirements.

By engaging you in a collaborative process, we are able to create a world-class workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget.

Our office designers offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior and have expertise in all market sectors, from blue-chip organisations to charities. Good design in the workplace can elevate morale and improve productivity, promote the image and help reinforce a corporate identity. It can help to attract and retain a higher quality workforce

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Office Fit-Out

We’ve been undertaking office fit-outs in London and throughout the UK since 1977, ranging in size from 1,000 sq ft up to 144,000 sq ft. Each and every fit-out has been unique and delivered on time and on budget.

All Maris office fit-outs are expertly managed by qualified and dedicated construction managers who ensure critical deadlines are always met, quality standards are adhered to and the end result delivered to our Client’s expectations.

Partnering with the right company to undertake an office fit-out is a major decision and it is vitally important to choose the carefully.

With the right fit-out partner in place the project should improve operational efficiency, increase profits, enhance your corporate image and improve your chances of attracting and retaining key personnel – enough reasons for anyone to justify spending a little more time on the selection process!

Whatever your office fit-out requirements we would be delighted to help.


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Workplace Optimisation

Poorly designed offices cost UK business billions of pounds every year. Is your office optimised?

More and more companies are beginning to realise that, in order to be more successful, the role that the workplace plays for them has got to change.

Most companies are unaware of the huge cost savings and other benefits of workplace optimisation and are missing out. Generally, it will be the need to refurbish or relocate offices that act as the catalyst to consider workplace optimisation.

If workplace optimisation is approached correctly it should be exciting and rewarding. The prospect of creating a workplace that can save your company money on real estate costs and also boosts business performance, attracts and retains the best staff and is seen as the envy of your competition is exhilarating.


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Workplace Optimisation

Property Evaluation

Understanding and evaluating property is an essential step in the Workplace Optimisation process. The physical constraints provided by buildings can restrict the creative process.

By understanding these limitations it is possible to direct attention to those properties that will support the greatest opportunity for nurturing a truly optimised workplace.

What is a Building Evaluation?

A property evaluation is a detailed study and analysis of all aspects of a building or series of buildings in order to arrive at a comparison and benchmark of their relative merits and challenges.

Appraising and selecting the correct property is an essential component in the Workplace Optimisation process.

There’s an art to choosing the right building and unfortunately many organisations get it wrong.  Whilst the Workplace Study and Workplace Strategy outline key criteria for the optimum property to suit the requirements of the project brief, detailed analysis and appraisal is required for any short-listed property to ensure it conforms to this criteria.

No two commercial office properties are alike and understanding the unique traits of a building is essential in selecting a property that adequately suits the requirements of an organisation, now and in the future.

Office Refurbishment

We’ve been specialising in office refurbishment for over 40 years and have developed unique processes to ensure that in-situ office refurbishments are managed and undertaken in a way that is highly cost efficient and minimises disruption to your business.

A Maris office refurbishment will rejuvenate your workplace, free up space and ultimately increases staff morale and productivity.

In today’s financial climate many companies are choosing to refurbish their offices rather than relocate.

We specialise in undertaking in-situ CAT B office refurbishment but also undertake office refurbishments in unoccupied buildings and landlords often appoint us to undertake CAT A office refurbishment.

Whether you are driven by a lease renewal or renegotiation, have surplus office space, or have concluded that juggling existing space is no longer an option, the decision to undertake an office refurbishment demands careful consideration.


Refurbishing Your Office?

Office Relocation

With over 40 years experience of undertaking office relocations Maris is the UK’s most experienced and best resourced office relocation specialist. Our goal is to make your office relocation enjoyable.

Undertaking an office relocation and fit-out can be one of the most costly and disruptive things your company will ever undertake but it needn’t be if you use Maris as we’ll guarantee our performance and ensure your office relocation runs like clockwork and is delivered on time and on budget.

Relocating offices should not have to be daunting. In fact, it could be an exciting and creative experience that will be a pivotal point in achieving your strategic business goals. Working with an office relocation partner that has the expertise and resources to provide you a turnkey solution really does make sense and can save you significant time and money.

With over 10,000 projects successfully completed we are a safe pair of hands and will remove the stress from your journey.


Undertaking an Office Relocation?

Maris Office Furniture

Our specialist office furniture division was established to provide clients with the definitive product and service package and is now one of the largest and best regarded independent office furniture dealers in the UK.

We offer a complete range of services, including furniture design consultancy, office furniture supply and management, logistics, rental, storage, ergonomic studies and move management.

As an independent office furniture consultant and supplier, we are able to provide completely unbiased guidance in product selection, from the very best office furniture manufacturers in the world.

We supply and install over £15 million of office furniture per annum so have massive buying power, resources and experience.

Contact us on 020 7902 1890 to discuss your furniture requirements.

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Maris has developed the first finance product specifically for the office fit-out industry.

It is an instant credit line that allows companies to carry out an office fit-out and/or furniture project.

Developed and backed with a leading financial institution Maris Project Finance conserves cash, is highly tax-efficient and allows you to spread the cost of your office fit-out, refurbishment and furniture project over a span of three or five years.

Most companies think nothing of financing assets such as technology, vehicles and plant & machinery. A less well known fact is that you can fund an office fit-out, refurbishment and/or office furniture project to provide the same types of benefits to your organisation.

Our finance solution will enable you to reduce your office refurbishment, fit-out and furniture costs, improve cash flow and increase your purchasing power.

Maris Finance provides customers with affordable, flexible, and easily attainable payment solutions tailored to your particular business needs. Because we keep the cost of entry of acquiring a world class office environment low, you conserve precious capital and reserve your credit lines for more-strategic investments in your business.

Recently, we were successful in arranging a £3 million office fit-out funding facility for Dun & Bradstreet in Dublin. What can we do for you?

Client Services

Client Services and the way we service and support our Clients is a core priority to us. Quite simply, we believe our world revolves around our Clients and how we look after them – because it does!

We realised many years ago that success was not just about winning the project, it was about the relationship we developed with our Clients and the on-going mutual benefits that come about by providing an absolutely outstanding service and journey to our Clients.

We work hard for our Clients and have made and continue to make significant investment to provide the best after sales service in the office design and fit-out industry. This has resulted in a repeat business rate of 93% and a huge amount of referrals. Our Clients (unless they have specific privacy reasons not to) are delighted to show our prospective Clients the work we have completed for them.

The small selection of projects detailed in “Our Work” will give you an idea of the diversity of our Client base and projects that we undertake. Possibly the most important thing to take note of is the Client comment. because this provides a first-hand account of the project’s success.

We Have A Client-For Life Culture
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IT Solutions

The pace and continuing advance of I.T means that we must be able to advise and provide Clients with high-technology solutions.

We also appreciate that any shortcomings in our I.T knowledge and capability today would be compounded tomorrow, when new technology offers even more ingenious ways to help run businesses.

Technology is the key enabler in allowing the modern workplace to be responsive, flexible, creative and collaborative. The network deployed must empower the individual to work most effectively in a manner and environment that best suits their skills.

From precision data cabling and cordless telephony, through to complex trading systems and remote networking; our I.T. consultants, managers and their teams have become well known for providing accountable strategies that keep Clients in step with the very latest information technology.


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