19,000 sq ft
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 1
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 4
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 3
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 5
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 2
RateSetter Offices - 5 Bishopsgate London - Office Design & Fit-Out - 6


Client Background

Why? It’s the question that started it all. “Why do we continue to accept a financial system that doesn’t work in our best interest? Why do we let banks dictate what we can and can’t have? Why don’t we just cut out the banks and return control to investors and borrowers?” In their quest to make finance fair, Rhydian Lewis and Peter Behrens found the answer to those questions – RateSetter. Since it’s launch in 2010, RateSetter has become the UK’s most trusted peer-to-peer lending service.

Points of note

The new space on the 6th floor at 55 Bishopsgate is a single floor, with no real separation other than the central lift core of the building. This consolidated space naturally brings the business together where it was once dis-jointed. Our design is all about capitalising on the huge difference between your current home and future home. By doing this, we have bought the entire company together.

We have also designed the floor on an interesting principal, using the branding to guide the positions of walls and furniture. Using the percentage sign, 59 and 31 degree angles, we have created a space plan that has a story, where the brand is entrenched into every part of the scheme. This means you can see the brand in shapes and forms throughout the scheme, without having to paint every wall purple and have logos everywhere.

Simple wall graphics, imagery and brand statements can be used to inject the company’s witty and charismatic tone of voice. The main feature of this design is the centralised Breakout space; this space is designed to bring the company together. It is a comfortable, welcoming space that can be used for dining, meeting, collaborating, and All Hands meetings. We have also included a Coffee Bar at the centre of the space.

Enclosed spaces are clustered around the core of the building to make use of the walls already there, but mainly to ensure that the outer parts of the floor are given solely to the staff. Breakout spaces feature around the floor by the windows. All desks have access to the windows. Why give meeting rooms the best views? They are used much less often than the open plan desking.

We have created a space that we feel reflects every aspect of RateSetters personality, from it’s real, honest materials, to it’s balanced, open and transparent layout. We have created privacy for when it is needed and we have removed the commonly found rows and rows of desks. We are very proud of this design.


55 Bishopsgate London EC2
19,000 sq ft
7 weeks

Scope of works

  • Audio visual
  • Bespoke joinery
  • Bespoke Reception Desk
  • Branding
  • CDM, health and safety duties
  • Construction management
  • Detailed design development
  • Electrical installation
  • Exposed services
  • Feature ceilings and lighting
  • Meeting suites
  • Partitioning
  • Space planning and design consultancy
  • Workplace strategy