Waterfront, Chancellors Road
350,000 sq ft
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Waterfront, Chancellors Road

The Waterfront Building is located on the Riverside at Hammersmith. It is part of a phased redevelopment scheme looking to top out at 750,000 sq ft of nett lettable floor space.

Maris Expertise
Maris have completed a 75,000 sq ft office design & fit-out project here for Betfair. Spanning over three floors of the 5 storey building, was carried out with 1,200 employees in occupation, with no business downtime and within an incredibly tight timescale.  Our workplace design and optimisation scheme included collaborative spaces for informal meetings, secure areas, club lounges, radio and broadcast rooms and a newly refurbished restaurant.

The property entrance is situated facing due West and faces onto the Thames with the Harrods Depository development on the opposite bank. Hammersmith Station is 7 minutes walk away; Hammersmith affords good links to District, Piccadilly as well as Metropolitan lines.

Noise Rating
Landlords provide clarification that their property has been designed to operate, whilst producing low levels of noise emission. This property is confirmed to comply with the following noise ratings:
Offices (open plan) NR38
Reception NR40
WC areas NR40

Bathroom Facilities
WC bathroom facilities on each floor are only accessible by the floor’s tenant. Male, female and disabled WC facilities are positioned to the in the centre stair / lift core. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main washbasin area. Ceramic washbasins are set on vanity units with large areas of illuminated mirrored glass.

Medium grade, full accessible raised floors are provided throughout the floor. Floor tiles are 600 x 600mm wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals. Floor voids are 150mm allowing sufficient passage for your IT / telephony cabling and an underfloor power distribution system.

The ceilings are covered by a fully demountable suspended ceiling with a concealed grid and 1250mm perforated metal ceiling tiles on drop down hinges. The ceiling void is estimated to be up to 400mm.

External Conditions
The internal conditions indicated below are maintained when the following ambient conditions prevail:
Winter -4ºC dry bulb saturated
Summer 29ºC dry bulb 20ºC wet bulb – chiller sized on 32ºC dry bulb

Internal Conditions
Unless otherwise stated, all internal design temperatures are maintained within the range ±2ºC of figures stated:

Offices 22ºC ± 2ºC
Reception 18ºC min, 26ºC max
Stairs / corridors 18ºC
Toilets 18ºC Air-con

The heating and cooling system within the property is commonly referred to as a 4-pipe fan coil air conditioning system. In practical terms, the heating, cooling and ventilation are all distributed by central plant, consisting of chillers, boilers and air handling units which serve all floors via the mechanical riser. The fan coil units are located within the ceiling void above the line of the suspended ceiling.

Conditioned air is supplied via the fan coil units where air is heated or cooled accordingly before being delivered to the office space via insulated ductwork connected to 3-slot linear diffusers positioned in the plasterboard margins around the perimeter of the floor. Air is also re-circulated throughout the floor and the ceiling void is used as a return air plenum where conditioned air is extracted from the floor space via numerous 600m x 600mm louvre type grilles within the suspended ceiling.

Air Conditioning Load Allowance
Lighting 15 w/m2 office (reception 5 w/m2)
Power 25 w/m2 office (reception 30 w/m2)
Occupants To suit internal design temperature and occupancy levels

Public Health
The following public health provisions apply within the property:

The water storage has been designed to provide 25 litres per person
Hot water will be distributed at 50ºC
Hot water storage temperature is a minimum of 60ºC
Hot water at accessible WC basins is 43ºC
Rainwater collection and storm water drainage system complies with BS5572 pt3 cat2

The above provisions are in keeping with industry standards.

Lux levels are a measure of the level of lighting in a building or area of a building. The following lighting design criteria have been established for the property:

Office areas 450 lux at desk level
Corridor / WC areas 150 lux at desk level
Reception 200 lux at desk level
Plant rooms 100 lux at desk level

Limited Factors of Occupation
The limiting factors of occupation are:
Fresh air ventilation 240 persons
WC / bathrooms 275 persons (the whole floor)
Means of escape 2200 persons

For example the occupancy for the 3rd floor is therefore limited to 2200 persons on the basis of the means of escape facilities.

BREEAM Rating ‘Excellent’


350,000 sq ft
Barclays Property Investments
April 1999
Letting Agents
Strutt & Parker
Hanover Green