Two Pancras Square
130,000 sq ft

Two Pancras Square

Two Pancras Square provides 130,000 sq ft of first-class office space on its upper floors, while the ground floor houses 13,000 sq ft of double-height retail space and the elegantly conceived main office reception. The development is part of the new King’s Cross redevelopment project.

Maris Expertise
We have undertaken a full appraisal of the property and the 14,928 sq ft that a major medical firm were seeking to occupy at 1st floor level.

Technical Considerations

Planning Grid
The office floors are designed on a 1.5 m planning module.

Occupancy Levels
Office Floors
10 sq m / person. (capable of 8 sq m/ person)

Means of Escape
6.5 sq m / person

Lift Provision
10 sq m / person (based on 15% absenteeism)

Sanitary Provision
10 sq m / person (based on 60% male / 60% female occupancy)

Floor to Ceiling Heights
1st-8th Floor – 2.85m
9th Floor – 2.75m

Raised Floor Voids
1st-8th Floor – 160mm (115mm nominal clear void)
9th Floor – 215mm (170mm nominal clear void)

Floor Loadings
Within the office areas there is a 1.0 kN /s q m allowance for partitions and approx 5% of the floor areas have been designed for an imposed load of 7.5 kN / sq m

Office Areas
160mm 3.5kN / sq m

215mm. 7.5kN / sq m

Fresh Air
The statutory minimum rate for the supply of air to offices is 12 litres per second per person. Within this property, fresh air ventilation has been designed to provide 16 litres per second (16 l/s) per person based upon 80 person per 803m2.

There is therefore an over provision of fresh air into the property. The provision of fresh air at 16 l/s per person is a good allowance and meets with our expectations for a modern property.

WC / Bathrooms
The WC facilities are currently:
Male WC / Bathroom
• 0 no. urinals
• 6 no. WCs
• 6 no. hand-wash basins

Female WC / Bathroom
• 6 no. WCs
• 6 no. hand-wash basins

According to BS 6465 -1:1994, the legal maximum number of occupants allowed on the 1st floor, based on WC provisions would be:
• Males: 137 persons
• Females: 137 persons

However, as you are able to use the WCs on other floors in the building,
the maximum occupation based on WCs would be:
• Males: 112 persons
• Females: 112 persons
• DDA: 50 persons
= Total: 274 persons


130,000 sq ft
King's Cross Central Ltd Partnership
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