The Shard
874,349 sq ft
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The Shard

The Shard is the centre piece of the new riverside development of the London Bridge Quarter which provides, amongst other facilities, 596,740 sq ft (55,439 m2) of office accommodation over 26 floors.

Maris Expertise

Maris have completed a office fit-out on the 27th floor of the Shard for Arma Partners.

Large diameter in-situ cast bored piles

Mixture of steel frame and reinforced concrete set out orthogonally to the façades at 6m centers and span inwards to the core. The façades are generally arranged on a planning grid of 1.5m which is extremely efficient

Floor Loading
Offices 3.5KN/m2 imposed load and 1.0KN/m2 dead load – 5% of floor designed to accommodate 7.5 KN/m2

Full height, extra clear triple glazed low iron glass façades. The façade incorporates a naturally ventilated double skin

Dimensions Planning module 1.5m
Raised floor zone 150mm
Slab to slab height 3,650mm
Raised floor to ceiling height 2,700mm

Noise Rating
Offices (open plan) NR38
Reception NR40
WC Areas NR40 to 45

WC / Bathroom Facilities
Male – 4 no. urinals, 5 no. WCs, 4 no. wash-hand basins
Female – 6 no. WCs, 6 no. wash-hand basins
Disabled WC – 1 no. WC, 1 no. wash-hand basin

Cycle Provisions
Over 400 cycle parking spaces with changing and drying facilities

Raised Floors
600mm x 600mm, wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals

Designed to be linear grid format with 1,450mm x 300mm planks and 50mm wide extruded aluminium linear suspension system with plasterboard margins and infill panels

Designed to be dry-lined with a painted finish

Doors, Frames & Skirting
Skirting designed to be – flush painted MDF

Glass to main entrances – core doors designed to be painted timber doors

Building Services
Mechanical Services Design Criteria External Conditions
Winter -4ºC dry bulb saturated
Summer 29ºC dry bulb 20ºC wet bulb

Internal Conditions
Summer Winter
Offices 22ºC ± 2ºC 21ºC ± 2ºC

Air Conditioning Load Allowance
Lighting 15 w/m2
Power 15 w/m2

Mechanical Services
Designed to be 4 pipe fan-coil system to perimeter and 2 pipe fan-coil system to inner areas
Ventilation Designed to be 12 litres per second per person (1 no. person per 12m2)

Electrical Design Criteria
Standard power allowance for future tenant under floor power 15w/m2
Spare capacity at riser – TBC

Electrical Services
Tap off points at risers – meters by tenant

Landlords only – 2 no 2.2MVA generators dedicated to the Landlord’s life safety systems

Lighting Design Criteria Office
areas – Designed to be 350 / 450 lux at desk level
Corridor / WC areas – 200 lux
Plant rooms – 200 lux

Designed to be LG7 fittings
Controls Designed to be lighting control modules attached to PIR sensors
Lighting Services Layout No

Fire Alarm System

Sprinkler System

No cabling present

5 no. double deck lifts
3 no. fire fighting lifts
2 no. 3.5 tonne goods lifts

Landlord’s areas covered by comprehensive security systems – capable of being extended to cover Tenants demise

Design Criteria
Design Criteria General occupancy – 1 person per 12m2
WC / bathrooms – 1 person per 8.3m2

Limiting Factor 208 persons (based on 10 litres per second per person)

Emergency Escape
Door / Staircase Widths 260 persons for the whole floor – subject to the fire evacuation strategy for the building which may increase this figure

BREEAM Rating: Excellent when fitted out and Very Good on completion of the shell and core


874,349 sq ft
Stellar Property Group
Letting Agents
Jones Lang LaSalle
Knight Frank