Linen Court
42,005 sq ft

Linen Court

Linen Court, 10 East Road has been designed and constructed to a good standard. Linen Court is ideally located amongst key occupiers from a variety of sectors. Originally this area of London was popular with market leading media firms.

The property is of new construction. The property has been designed for office use and provides 42,005 sq ft (3,902m²) of Grade A office accommodation across 10 storey’s.

Maris Expertise

Maris has completed a 4,200 sq ft office design & fit-out project for Busuu at Linen Court. The design incorporated an extra large breakout area that can also be used as an informal meeting space. This funky, bespoke area will be perfect for brainstorming ideas or to provide a relaxing environment for all Busuu staff.


• Planning module 1.5m
• Raised floor zone 150mm
• Floor to ceiling 2,700mm
• Slab to slab height 3,435mm

Noise Rating

This property is presumed to comply with the following noise ratings:
• Offices (open plan) NR38
• Reception NR40
• WC areas NR40

These ratings are industry recognised standards and provide a low level of noise emission from the base build services.

Entrance Hall

The reception entrance hall is glazed to the front elevation The floor is finished in stone, setting the standard for the quality of installation. Plasterboard walls and ceilings provide a crisp appearance to the area with integral feature lighting integrated within the ceiling. At present, security is provided at the property’s bespoke feature reception desk. Clarification should be sought from the Landlord regarding security provision and receptionist duties / working hours.

WC / Bathroom Facilities

WC bathroom facilities are on each floor. Unisex and disabled WC facilities are positioned to the north of the main stair / lift core. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main wash-hand basin area. Ceramic wash-hand basins are set on vanity units with large areas of mirrored glass. The ceilings have been installed with a plaster finish providing a clean design finish and containing recessed down lights. All sanitary ware is glazed white ceramic with a chrome finish.

Unisex WC / Bathroom

• 4 no. individual WC cubicles with personal wash-hand basins

Disabled WC / Bathroom

• 1 no. WC with full disability fixtures and fittings
• 1 no. wash-hand basin

Raised Floors

Medium grade, full accessible raised floors are provided throughout the floor. Floor tiles are 600 x 600mm wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals. Floor voids are 150mm allowing sufficient passage for your IT / telephony cabling and an under floor power distribution system.


The ceilings are covered by a fully demountable suspended ceiling with a slim-line grid and 1,200 x 600mm perforated metal ceiling tiles. The ceiling void is 585mm. Serious consideration should be given to controlling the transfer of noise between different cellular / meeting areas that occur when sound travels through the ceiling void. Increasing the performance of different cellular / meeting areas can be achieved by installing a sound absorbing quilt within the ceiling void. Installed vertically above the line of partitions forming these areas, this will provide you with a low-cost solution to reducing noise transfer.


All walls and columns are dry-lined with a painted finish which is in accordance with industry standards.

Doors, Frames & Skirting

Skirting is formed of 100mm high vinyl finish. Doors are solid core, timber veneered with aluminium frames and stainless steel ironmongery. Doors to plant areas / risers are solid core doors with a painted finish. The specification for these finishes is in accordance with industry standards.

Mechanical Services – Design Criteria

External Conditions

The internal conditions indicated below are maintained when the following ambient conditions prevail:
• Winter -4ºC dry bulb 10% saturated
• Summer 29ºC dry bulb 20ºC wet bulb

Internal Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, all internal design temperatures are maintained within the range ±2ºC of figures stated:
Winter Summer
• Offices 21ºC 22ºC
• Reception 21ºC 22ºC
• Stairs / Corridors 18ºC no ambient control
• Toilets 18ºC no ambient control

Air Conditioning Load Allowance

• Lighting 12 w/m²
• Power 25 w/m²

Mechanical Services

The heating and cooling system within the property is commonly referred to as a 4-pipe fan coil system. In practical terms, the heating, cooling and ventilation are all distributed by central plant, consisting of chillers, boilers and air handling units which serve all floors via the mechanical riser. The fan coil units are located within the ceiling void above the line of the suspended ceiling.

Conditioned air is supplied via the fan coil units where air is heated or cooled accordingly before being delivered to the office space via insulated ductwork connected to 3-slot linear diffusers positioned in the plasterboard margins around the perimeter of the floor. Air is also re-circulated throughout the floor and the ceiling void is used as a return air plenum where conditioned air is extracted from the floor space via numerous 600m x 600mm louvre type grilles within the suspended ceiling. We are in possession of the mechanical services schematics and plans for the property.


Building Regulations require there to be ‘adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building’. The requirements for fresh air ventilation rates are outlined in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations 2000. The purpose of ventilation is simply the removal of ‘stale’ indoor air from a building and its replacement with ‘fresh’ outside air. Despite pollution increasing levels of the regulations assume that the fresh external air is of a reasonable quality.

The regulations stipulate ventilation being required for one of the following factors:

• Provision of outside air for breathing
• Dilution and removal of airborne pollutants, including odours
• Control of excess humidity (arising from water vapour in the indoor air)

The provision of fresh air at 12 l/s per person is a good allowance and meets with our expectations for a modern property.
Lighting – Design Criteria

Lux levels are a measure of the level of lighting in a building or area of a building. The following lighting design criteria have been established for the property:

• Office areas 350 – 500 lux

The above design criteria is in keeping with industry standards.

Limiting Factors of Occupation

Design Criteria

Property literature advises that the building has been designed to the following occupancy levels:

• General occupancy 1 person per 10m²
• Lifts 1 person per 12m²
• WC / bathrooms 60:60 F:M ratio based on 120% occupation


In summary the limiting factors of occupation are:

• Fresh air ventilation 45 persons
• WC / bathrooms 100 persons
• Means of escape 64 persons

Your occupancy on each floor is therefore limited to 45 persons on the basis of the fresh air ventilation. This can be increased by adding additional facilities at your own expense subject to Landlord allocations


42,005 sq ft
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