Heron Tower
461,000 sq ft

Heron Tower

Heron Tower is an office tower comprising of approximately 42,820 m² (461,000 sq ft) offices, ground floor commercial units and a roof top sky bar and restaurant. It is located in the central financial district of the city of London close to Bank and Broadgate with excellent transport links.

Maris Expertise
Maris have undertaken two projects in the Heron Tower: One for City Credit Capital where we created a 6,300 sq ft high specification workplace with an outstanding design scheme, including an exceptional Reception and Boardroom area boasting marble flooring and partitions using ‘Smart Glass’. The other was 5,800 sq ft project for BASF where a design scheme was focussed around the vital open-plan trading floor.

Over the past 50 years Heron has developed more than 156 buildings in 9 capitals, over 1 million square metres of commercial and retail property and around 15,000 residential units in the UK, Europe and the US. Heron International has a £1.5 billion development programme.

Heron Tower is positioned at the intersection of Bishopsgate, Camomile Street, Bevis Marks and Houndsditch, north of the River Thames in the EC2 district of London. Heron Tower is located 200 metres from Liverpool Street Station, one of the biggest local and international commuter hubs in London.

The north, east and west facades of the Tower are formed by a double glazed cladding systemwith floor to ceiling low iron glazing framed by stainless steel lining, on an aluminium framedsystem, incorporating stainless steel external spandrels. The atrium façade to the office“villages” are formed with double glazed horizontally framed glazing, with external stainless steel fins.

The office floors are located at levels 2 to 37 and are designed as three floor groupings with each “village” comprising an atrium base floor or full floor with a reduced atrium depth and two “atrium floors”. The maximum population on any one floor from levels 2 to 36 is limited to 220 persons. This limit is governed by escape widths.

The air conditioning system serving the offices is a four pipe water side control fan coil system. Fresh air is supplied to each village of 3 floors by dedicated supply and extract plant located from a specified plant room area on the central floor of each village. Air intake will be via the louvres provided to the plant room with exhaust exiting to a plenum behind the goods lift connecting to louvres running the full height of the building.

EDF energy has provided a 6 MVa capacity high voltage incoming supply (11,000v) capable ofdelivering the total building load. The Landlord’s main HV switch room is located at plant room basement level 1. There are 4 transformers each sized to cater for 2.5MVa, giving a theoretical capacity of 10MVa without having to provide additional cabling up the building. The building design currently allows for a maximum of 6MVa of tenant capacity

The design of the building fabric and structure of Heron Tower was considerably enhanced to adopt bomb blast resistance, assuming the worst case scenario of a vehicle borne device in close proximity to the building, together with means of controlling access to the building for both pedestrians and vehicles, coupled with provision of detailed surveillance through the use of CCTV.

The CCTV installation comprises a total of 142 cameras which cover the perimeter and all common parts of the building, including basements, loading dock with ANPR vehicle recognition, main entrances and exits, front lobby, back of house, lift cars, staircases and main lift lobbies. The installation will be monitored through the control room positioned within the mezzanine management suite which is operated on a 24/7 basis.

BREEAM Rated – ‘Excellent’


461,000 sq ft
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