Four 500 Parkway
56,387 sq ft
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Four 500 Parkway


Four 500 offers up to 56,387 sq ft of relatively recently refurbished office space arranged over three floors in a detached building. The building benefits from a new reception and an impressive central atrium. The property is located immediately off junction 9 of the M27 with good access to both the M3 and A3 motorways.

Maris Expertise

Maris has undertaken a detailed office design development project for Covidien Plc at Four 500 Parkway on the Solent Business Park. The conceptual scheme for the new office was based upon the business idea of providing solutions in the engineering sector.


The property consists of a ground level and two upper floors, and commands a prominent position on the Solent Business Park. The entrance has been remodelled and refurbished to provide a modern contemporary reception. The previously open atrium area has been enclosed in glass.


Concrete frame and floors

Floor Loading
Office areas 3.5 kN/sq m + 1 kN/sq m
Plant areas 7.5 kN/sq m (assumed)
Flat Roof and Access 1.5 kN/sq m

Planning Grid

The office floors are designed on a 1.5m planning module.

Occupancy Level

10.0 sq m / person of net internal area for services
6.0 sq m / person for means of escape

Floor Loading

3.5 kN/sq m + 1.0 kN/sq m (office)

Typical Floor To Ceiling Height

2.7m rising to 3.4m

Raised floor void approximately 200mm

Internal Finishes

Office Areas:
The office floors provide a fully accessible raised floor system consisting of 600 x 600mm tiles mounted on fully adjustable pedestals to take a carpet floor covering.

All walls and columns are brilliant white emulsion painted plaster finished, with timber skirting. Fully accessible 600 x 600mm white mineral fibre suspended ceiling tile, with integrated services. Hardwood doors are full height with brushed stainless steel ironmongery throughout.

Screeded floor finished with reconstituted store. Walls are a combination of brilliant white painted plaster and removable laminate panels with half height mirrors. Ceilings are white painted plasterboard with integrated lighting. White ceramic semi counter sunk washbasins with chrome fittings are recessed into the wall mounted stone vanity unit. White wall mounted sanitaryware throughout the toilets, all with chrome fittings. Sanitaryware is white vitreous china.

Doors are from the Amwell Minima cubical range.

Disabled Toilet & Shower
Each floor includes a unisex wheelchair accessible toilet and shower, all compliant with Approved Document M of the Building Regulations and DDA objectives, with finishes to match male and female toilets.

Reception Area
The reception is entered through full-height glazed doors and has reconstituted stone and carpeted floor. The main feature wall is clad in vertical strips of veneered timber which is drawn through to the lift lobbies on the ground floor. White plasterboard suspended ceilings, fitted with recessed featured lighting are stepped into the lift lobby areas through full doors. The linear reception desk features spray lacquered timber, spray painted timber, stainless steel and coloured glass detailing and conceals communication equipment.

Staircases & Lift Lobbies
The main staircase is fitted with a reconstituted stone tiled floor to the 1st landing and carpeting with metal noising thereafter. Walls and ceilings are brilliant white painted plaster with painted metal handrails. Doors are full spray painted timber with brushed stainless steel ironmongery. Lift lobby floors are finished with carpet tiles to match the main reception. Walls are painted white and ceilings are white plasterboard with fully integrated lighting.

Three lifts including goods lift. The passenger lifts are 12 person passenger lifts and have a lift speed of 1.0m/second. The central lift core is accessed off the main reception area. A 13 person or 1,000kg goods lift is contained within the rear core. Ceilings are white plasterboard with fully integrated lighting. Both passenger lifts are compliant with DDA objectives.

Security Systems

The floor distribution allows for tenants to install their own access control system at each floor level.

Air Conditioning & Heating

The occupied areas of the building are cooled utilising 2 pipe, ceiling void mounted, fan coil units on all floors. The fresh air is supplied to the fan coil units on air handling units located at roof level. Mechanical extract from each floor is via the ceiling void plenum returning to the building atrium where it is extracted and discharged at roof level.

General cooling (chilled water) is supplied via a new roof mounted air cooled packaged chillers which supplies chilled water to the 2nd floor and part of the 1st floor. A further chiller, located at ground level, serves the ground floor and remainder of the 1st floor. A gas fired boiler plant provides heating to the building. These are located in the roof boiler plant room. This will supply low temperature hot water to perimeter radiators.

The control and sequencing of all plant and mechanical operation is dealt with using a Building Management System (BMS) which will also provide a good source for energy efficiency.

External Design Conditions

Summer (Max) 28˚C db, 20˚C wb

Winter -4˚C db at 100% RH

Internal Design Conditions

Office Areas 22˚C ± 2˚C


1 person / 10m2 min with 10 l/sec per person fresh air

Lights 15 w/sq m
Equipment 25 w/sq m
People 90w sensible
50w latent

Noise Levels

Entrance Lobbies NR40
Toilets NR40
Open Plan Offices NR38

Fresh Air Supply Rate

The fresh air supply rate is based on 10 litres per second per person and on an occupancy level of 1 person per 10 sq m.


Ventilation is provided to all floor toilets via ceiling mounted valves above the cubicles ducted to roof mounted cowls and louvre. 10no. air changes per hour.

Cold Water

A cold water storage tank located in external enclosures provides cold water to the toilet and kitchen area via a booster pump.

Hot Water

The aforementioned boiler plant located in the roof plant room provides hot water to the toilets.


The tenant’s office areas have been provided with 1200 x 600 Category 2 fluorescent lighting to maintain 300 / 450 LUX.

Electrical Services

Small Power 25 watts / sq m
Lighting 15 watts / sq m

Incoming Electrical Supply
The building is supplied from a 1 MVA sub-station from which one point of supply is provided to the main Landlord’s switchboard.

The incoming supply to the floor is metered from a simple point adjacent to the main switchboard.

Tenant’s Category Small Power
An under floor busbar has been provided for tenant’s use but has been rejected for use by Covidien as it is single earth only.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is provided in the tenant’s areas in compliance with BS 5622 with the addition of 3 hours battery / inverter packs to a number of Category ‘A’ office luminaries.

Fire Alarm System
A tenant’s fire alarm interface connection point is provided, connected to the fire alarm system for the extension and modification of the system during the Category ‘B’ fit-out. The fire alarm system has a classification of L2.

Essential Services Generator

A 40kva standby generator standby generator is installed in the roof plant room for the smoke extract system only.


56,387 sq ft
Refurbished 2005
Letting Agents
Hughes Ellard