31,216 sq ft


CityPoint has been designed and constructed to a very high standard. The property location is close to rail, underground and riverboat services. The Landlord’s consultants are well known to Maris and we foresee that our existing lines of communication and understanding of their detailed and comprehensive approval process will certainly assist in achieving Landlord consent for proposed works.

Maris Expertise
Maris has completed an office fit-out for Mimecast at CityPoint. Mimecast relocated from Balfe Street, London N1 to City Point on Ropemaker Street EC2. Maris had to work with the Landlord and Client to make the premises ‘business ready’

Planning module 1.5m
Raised floor zone 130mm
Floor to ceiling 2,530mm
Slab to slab height 3,160mm

Noise Rating
Offices (open plan) NR38
Reception NR40
WC areas NR40
These ratings are industry recognised standards and provide a low level of noise emission from the base build services.

Entrance Hall
The reception entrance hall is enclosed by a double height curtain wall glazing to Ropemaker Street. The floor is finished in homed limestone, setting the standard for the quality of installation. Plasterboard walls and ceilings provide a crisp appearance to the area with integral feature lighting integrated within the ceiling. At present, security is provided at the property’s bespoke feature reception desk. Clarification should be sought from the Landlord regarding security provision and receptionist duties / working hours.

A refuse and recycling bay is provided at basement level.

WC / Bathroom Facilities
WC bathroom facilities on each floor are only accessible by the floor’s tenant. The WC bathroom facility is not located in the Landlord’s common areas. Male, female and disabled WC facilities are positioned adjacent to the stairs / lift cores. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main washbasin area. Ceramic washbasins are set on vanity units with large areas of illuminated mirrored glass. The ceilings have been installed with a plaster finish providing a clean design finish and containing recessed downlights. All sanitary ware is glazed white ceramic with a chrome finish.

Male WC / Bathroom
• 8 no. urinals
• 8 no. WCs
• 11 no. wash-hand basins

Female WC / Bathroom
• 11 no. WCs
• 11 no. wash-hand basins

Disabled WC / Bathroom
• 3 no. WCs with full disability fixtures and fittings
• 3 no. wash-hand basins

Cycle Provisions
A designated cycle store room is provided at basement level, accessible by lift. The bicycle store room is for use by the entire building and has space for 99 cycles.

Raised Floors
Medium grade, full accessible raised floors are provided throughout the floor. Floor tiles are 600mm x 600mm wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals. Floor voids are 130mm allowing sufficient passage for your IT / telephony cabling and an underfloor power distribution system.

The ceilings are covered by a fully demountable suspended ceiling with a slim-line grid and 1400mm x 300mm perforated metal ceiling tiles. The ceiling void is estimated to be approximately 500mm (excluding dropped beam locations).

All walls and columns are dry-lined with a painted finish which is in accordance with industry standards.

Doors, Frames & Skirting
Skirting is formed of 100mm high MDF with a painted finish. Doors are solid core, timber veneered with timber frames and stainless steel ironmongery. Doors to plant areas / risers are solid core doors with a painted finish. The specification for these finishes is in accordance with industry standards.

Air Conditioning Load Allowance
Lighting 15 w/m2
Power 25 w/m2
Occupants 10 w/m2

Mechanical Services
The heating and cooling system within the property is commonly referred to as a 4 pipe fan coil system. In practical terms, the heating, cooling and ventilation are all distributed by central plant, consisting of chillers, boilers and air handling units which serve all floors via the mechanical riser. The fan coil units are located within the ceiling void above the line of the suspended ceiling.

Conditioned air is supplied via the fan coil units where air is heated or cooled accordingly before being delivered to the office space via insulated ductwork connected to 3-slot linear diffusers positioned in the plasterboard margins around the perimeter of the floor. Air is also re-circulated throughout the floor and the ceiling void is used as a return air plenum where conditioned air is extracted from the floor space via numerous 1400 x 300mm louvre type grilles within the suspended ceiling. We are in possession of the mechanical services schematics and plans for the property.

Pipe Work Distribution
There are a number of mechanical services risers serving the floor

Controls & Building Management System (BMS)
There is no facility for you to directly change the settings of the heating and cooling controls within the floor area, however, this would need to be carried out by the Building Management Team. The controls are fully automatic, interrogated and monitored via a remote Building Management System (BMS). The fan coil units have sensor phials connected to the return air plenums of each ceiling mounted fan coil unit and upon sensing a rise or fall in temperature from that set by the BMS (Building Management System) the fan coil unit modulating valve will increase the chilled water or heating capacity as necessary and re-align the temperature to the floor.

Building Regulations require there to be ‘adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building’. The requirements for fresh air ventilation rates are outlined in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations 2000. Extract ventilation rates are stipulated in table 2.1 of the Approved Document F where for whole building ventilation rates for the supply of air to offices, the statutory minimum air supply rate is 10 litres per second (10 l/s) per person. Within this property fresh air ventilation has been designed to provide 16 litres per second (12 l/s) per person based upon 1 person per 10m2. There is therefore an over-provision of fresh air into the property.

Public Health Services
The following public health provisions are assumed within the property:
The water storage has been designed to provide 45 litres per person
Hot water will be distributed at 55ºC
Cold water storage temperature is less than 20ºC
Hot water storage temperature is a minimum of 60ºC
Hot water distribution temperature is 55ºC
Hot water at accessible WC basins is 41ºC
Rainwater collection and storm water drainage system complies with BSEN12056 Part 3 Cat 2
Building fabric to withstand 100mm / hour storm

The above provisions are in keeping with industry standards.

Electrical Services – Design Criteria
Standard power allowance for future tenant underfloor power – 25 w/m2
Lighting allowance – base build +TBC
Spare capacity at riser – base build + 25% for future connections
An additional independent LV supply on a separate ring directly from EDF is provided to maintain life safety services in the event of a failure of the incoming supply

The above design criteria are in keeping with industry standards and will cover your own requirements. In order to verify this, we shall undertake a load calculation once the full scope of your IT requirements are finalised.

Electrical Services
The incoming supply to the building is taken from 2 no. Solkor ring supplies such that in the event of a failure of one leg, the building is fed automatically by the other. The electricity supplies are supplied from the network at 11kV, 3 phase, 50Hz to the HV room located within the building. The 11kV supply feeds the consumers (Landlord’s) HV switchgear which in turn supplies the transformers located in the LV switchrooms at the various plant levels. The supplies to the building are metered at high voltage (11kV).

Lighting – Design Criteria

Lux levels are a measure of the level of lighting in a building or area of a building. The following lighting design criteria have been established for the property:
Office areas 500 lux at desk level
Corridor / WC areas 200 lux at desk level
Reception 200 lux at desk level
Plant rooms 100 lux at desk level

The above design criteria are in keeping with industry standards.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is currently installed to suit an open plan layout with a number of recessed luminaires complete with integral 3 hour battery packs. Illuminated exit signs are installed above each exit door. As part of any proposed fit-out the existing layout of the emergency lighting would need to be modified to suit the new layout in order to comply with the requirements of BS5266 Part 1/7 EN1838 and Building Control Regulation B1 (subject to Building Control approval).

Fire Alarm System
A fully automated addressable fire alarm system is installed to automatic detection covering all escape routes, rooms opening onto escape routes and areas classified as high risk in accordance with BS5839, as an L2 type (life level) system. The fire alarm system is common to the entire building, and comprises an addressable panel, fitted within the reception area.

Sprinkler System
The building is served by a sprinkler system compliant with BS5306 Part 2 1990 with OH1 hazard classification and life safety enhancement. Each floor has a separate zone valve with perimeter drencher system.

There is currently no data cabling installed throughout the floor. The floor has unrestricted floor and ceiling access for the installation of your requirements and provides us with no concern regarding cable distances and system performance. The building is served by a dry riser compliant with BS5306 Part 1 for telephone and cable connections.

There are 3 no. 13 person passenger lifts, 12 no. 17 person passenger lifts, 2 no. goods lifts,
2 no. fire fighting (1 no. 8 person / 1 no. 13 person). The lifts are finished in brushed stainless steel with half height tinted mirrors to the rear walls and a synthetic stone floor.

The property includes containment for future CCTV, intruder detection system, and access control. Wire-ways are installed adjacent each office entrance doorway and main reception doorway for future installation of access control, green break glass, and magnetic locks. This containment is taken back to the Building Manager’s office on the ground floor next to Reception.

Design Criteria
Property literature advises that the building has been designed to the following occupancy levels:
General occupancy 1 person per 10m2
Lifts 1 person per 12m2
WC / bathrooms 1 person per 10m2


31,216 sq ft
Beacon Capital
Refurbished in 2001
Letting Agents