Bedford Heights
200,000 sq ft
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Bedford Heights

Bedford Heights was built by Texas Instruments in 1959. The building was installed with a cyclone proof roof, hence the column arrangement to the floor. External window glazing was replaced in the 1980’s. In 1999 the building was developed and transformed into fully managed office spaces ranging from 180 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft.

Maris Expertise
Maris has undertaken a detailed office design development project for BPHA at Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, Bedford. Bedford Heights Business Centre now accommodates over 200,000 sq ft of managed office space.

The floor provides 28,903 sq ft. The stainless steel and in part composite board raised access floor provides a floor void of approximately 190mm. The ceiling height to the peremeter grid is 3.9 metres.
The ceiling is suspended in part with mineral fibre ceiling tiles.  The columns are painted. Some areas have a vinyl finish. Walls are predominately painted and glazed.

Licence To Alter Process
For the Licence to Alter process the Landlord will require a full specification of the proposed and accompanying plans. Copies of any necessary planning and building regulation consents will need to be supplied to the Landlord prior to the commencement of any works. All works will need to be completed under CDM regulations if appropriate.

Electrical Services
The site is served by a LV sub-station located within the basement of the building. We have been informed by the building engineer that the power network within the building has a dedicated sub-station and sufficient power capacity to suit whatever the Client’s power demand may be, we would recommend getting this confirmed in writing by the Landlord as this was only a verbal indication. The power distribution to the floor consists of 5 separate electrical service cupboards (risers) complete with dedicated 3 Phase and Neutral Tenant distribution boards. Each distribution board is fed directly from a main bus-bar network running through the basement level and
provides a 100 amp 3 phase supply to each distribution board.

The distribution boards are now obsolete. However, subject to testing and validation they should be suitable for the proposed fit-out works. Each distribution board has a separate energy meters installed adjacent to the distribution board. In addition to the above supplies there is a dedicated 30kVA computer room supply UPS backed supply located within the existing computer room, the existing UPS has been removed
however, a new UPS could be connected very easily via the existing UPS bypass switch. The requirement is satisfied by providing sub-circuit metering, either at the main switchboard or at sub-distribution boards. This property currently does meet with this requirement as the existing distribution boards to the floor are provided with an individual energy meter to enable monitoring of the energy usage, new energy meters would be required for any additional distribution boards to provide compliance with L2 regulations.

There are currently a number of different types of floor boxes installed throughout the floor, as detailed below.
Area 1 (North End Of Floor Space) Old metal lid floor boxes complete with under floor power track which are now obsolete and approximately 25 years old. These are both in a poor condition and due to the age and condition would not really be suitable for re-use. We would recommend new floor boxes throughout this area including new hardwired power supplies.

Lighting controls should be provided to avoid lighting being switched on when daylight levels are adequate, or when spaces are unoccupied. If automatic switching arrangements are employed the lighting control scheme should be subject to a risk assessment wherein safety should take precedence over energy efficiency (L2A – Para 54; L2B – Para 59).

Where a space is served by natural daylight, the perimeter row of lighting should in general be capable of being switched separately (L2A – Para 57; L2B – Para 61).

Fire Alarm System
An addressable fire alarm system is currently installed to provide a number of automatic smoke detectors and fire alarm break glass points adjacent to final exit escape routes. We have been informed that the system has been designated as a Manual type (life level) system by the Landlord and clarification should be sought to confirm if this is in compliance with the Landlord’s insurance requirements for the building.

Offices (Open Plans)
Call point has been installed next to the entrance door and the fire exit door. Optical smoke detectors and sounder bases have been installed on the ceiling. Automatic smoke detection is presently installed to serve an open plan arrangement
positioned randomly across the floor. Ceiling mounted sounder bases are located throughout the floor to suit the open plan layout and would need to be modified and supplemented to ensure an average of 65dB is achieved throughout the entire office space included as part of your fit-out.

On some of the floors there are ceilings with voids above them which exceed 800mm in depth, to provide compliance with BS5839 fire alarm regulation’s, a risk assessment should becarried out for these areas and void detectors installed to provide smoke detections coverage of these voids.

The existing installation will need modifying in accordance with the systems design criteria as required by BS5839 Part 1 2002 and Building Control Regulation B1. Prior to any works being carried out to the fire alarm panel, you would need to be assured that the existing system is fully functioning and fault free. The system is maintained by Sunfish Services Ltd.

There is currently a network of CAT 5 data cabling installed throughout the floor, this cable is no longer available due to restricted bandwidth capabilities so would not be ideal for re-use, (this cable is also PVC coated whereas new cabling offers low smoke protection). A raised access floor is provided to the entire floor plate and offers unrestricted floor access for the installation of new data cabling to suit your requirements and provides us with no concern regarding cable distances and system performance.

Mechanical Services
The floor is conditioned via 5 no. supply air handling units (AHUs), which are located on the floor below. The AHUs have heating and cooling batteries which are connected to central boilers and chillers which serve the entire building. Conditioned supply air is distributed onto the floor via the mechanical risers and ductwork located above bulkhead ceilings which cross the floor plate in both directions

Comms Rooms
The main comms room has 2 no. upflow close control systems installed, which were installed within the last 2 years and will be more than sufficient to serve this size of room. In addition to
this there is also 2 no. Hitachi split systems serving this room. In the other comms room there are 3 no. Hitachi split systems which again should be sufficient to serve this size of room.

The building has a sprinkler system that will be adapted to suit the proposed arrangement. System is maintained by Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions (UK) Ltd.


200,000 sq ft
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