88 Wood Street
250,000 sq ft

88 Wood Street

88 Wood Street has been designed and constructed to a very high standard. It is a Landmark building located in the City of London designed by the Richard Rodgers Partnership.

Maris Expertise
Maris has completed a 10,800 office relocation project for Toyota Tsusho UK Ltd at 88 Wood Street. Toyota Tsusho relocated to this building from 63 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4.



A post tension externally braced concrete frame supported upon piled foundations


The external steel columns are encased in fair faced concrete for fire protection and form an articulated external frame to the Wood Street elevation. Grey steel cross bracing is exposed within the external frame in 4 storey bays

Floor Loading
• Offices 4KN/m²
• Plant rooms 7.5KN/m²
• Stairs, corridors and lobbies 4KN/m²
• Storage 7.5KN/m²


The external envelope of the main floor plate accommodation consists of a double glazed external skin of clear glass with an internal secondary leaf of glazing. Interstitial blinds provide glare protection. Each floor level is expressed by a solid metal spandrel panel, concealing the concrete structure and the raised floor zones


The roof is of a flat inverted construction utilising rigid insulation panels over a hydrotech monolithic waterproofing membrane


• Planning module 1.5m
• Raised floor zone 190mm
• Floor to ceiling 2,750mm
• Slab to slab height 4,050mm

Noise Rating

Landlords provide clarification that their property has been designed to operate, whilst producing low levels of noise emission. This property is assumed to comply with the following noise ratings:
• Offices (open plan) NR38
• Reception NR40
• WC areas NR40

These ratings are industry recognised standards and provide a low level of noise emission from the base build services.

Entrance Hall

The reception entrance hall is a double height space with distinctive features. The floor is finished in Chelmsford Grey granite with flame textured finish, setting the standard for the quality of installation. Walls are formed from frameless external glazing system to North, East & West sides. Polished plaster panels within aluminium framing to South side. Aluminium cladding panels to Cores 1, 2 & 3. At present, security is provided at the property’s bespoke feature reception desk. Clarification should be sought from the Landlord regarding security provision and receptionist duties / working hours.

WC / Bathroom Facilities

WC bathroom facilities on each floor are only accessible by the floor’s tenant. The WC bathroom facility is not located in the Landlord’s common areas. Male, female and disabled WC facilities are positioned to the south of the main stair / lift core, with male and disabled facilities to the east and female facilities to the west. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main washbasin area. Ceramic washbasins are set on vanity units with large areas of illuminated mirrored glass. The ceilings have been installed with a plaster finish providing a clean design finish and containing recessed down-lights. All sanitary ware is glazed white ceramic with a chrome finish.

Raised Floors

Medium grade, full accessible raised floors are provided throughout the floor. Floor tiles are 600mm x 600mm wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals. Floor voids are 190mm allowing sufficient passage for your IT / telephony cabling and an under floor power distribution system.


The ceilings are covered by a fully demountable suspended ceiling with a slim-line grid and 750 x 750mm perforated metal ceiling tiles. The ceiling void is estimated to be up to 1,110mm at its deepest point (excluding dropped beam locations). Ceiling voids above 1,110mm in depth are required by Building Regulations to include for additional void protection, a matter that would be covered by your Landlord, had it applied. The ceiling void will be segregated into zones to avoid the unnecessary cross-over of your air conditioning, ventilation, sprinkler and lighting services. Ceiling voids of this size allow easy access should the services require alteration and / or modification to suit your proposed office design.

Alternatively, to increase this performance, your partitions can be extended through the ceiling void and fix directly to the structural soffit. When combined with an additional layer of plasterboard to these walls, your protection against noise transfer will be most effective.


All walls are dry-lined with a painted finish which is in accordance with industry standards.

Doors, Frames & Skirting

Skirting is formed of 100mm high mdf. Doors are solid core, timber veneered with timber frames and stainless steel ironmongery. Doors to plant areas / risers are solid core doors with a painted finish. The specification for these finishes is in accordance with industry standards.

Mechanical Services

The heating and cooling system within the property is commonly referred to as a 4-pipe fan coil system. In practical terms, the heating, cooling and ventilation are all distributed by central plant, consisting of chillers, boilers and air handling units which serve all floors via the mechanical riser. The fan coil units are located within the ceiling void above the line of the suspended ceiling.

Conditioned air is supplied via the fan coil units where air is heated or cooled accordingly before being delivered to the office space via insulated ductwork connected to 3-slot linear diffusers positioned in the plasterboard margins around the perimeter of the floor.


The provision of fresh air at 25 l/s per person is a good allowance and meets with our expectations for a modern property.

HVAC – Modifications

Services are capable of being isolated, drained down and extended to meet new requirements. We would encourage you to undertake a commissioning survey of the mechanical services in order to verify the design criteria is being met. The limiting factor of occupation for fresh air ventilation is therefore 96 persons. Only a very strong argument and in-depth discussions with Building Control will allow any deviation from this maximum permissible headcount when calculated against fresh air ventilation levels for the property.

WC / Bathrooms

As your bathroom facilities are only accessible from your floor (i.e. they are not positioned in the Landlord’s common area allowing you to access WC / bathroom facilities on the lower floors), WC / bathroom facilities will limit your occupancy of the floor, unless you see fit to install additional facilities at your own expense.

1016m² (10,936 sq ft) / 10 (1 person per 10m²) = 150 persons


In summary the limiting factors of occupation are:

• Fresh air ventilation 252 persons
• WC / bathrooms 150 persons
• Means of escape 200 persons

Next Steps

Together with your Maris team we can assist you through the process of designing, constructing and ultimately working in a property that adheres to best-practice standards of sustainability, allowing you to reduce your running costs, reducing your environmental impact and improving your working practices.


250,000 sq ft
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