40 Lime Street
14,000 sq ft

40 Lime Street

40 Lime Street has been recently refurbished to a good standard, in particular the common parts. 40 Lime Street is prominently positioned on the corner of Lime Street and Fenchurch Avenue, and adjacent to the landmark Willis and Lloyd’s Buildings, in the heart of traditional insurance triangle in the City Of London.

Maris Expertise
Maris has completed a 8,000 sq ft office design & fit-Out project for Skuld at 40 Lime Street, London EC3. The project was a relocation from Skuld’s previous offices at 15-18 Lime Street, where they had outgrown the space, to new premises at 40 Lime Street. The new space comprises of 8,000 sq ft over the 5th and 6th floors

• Raised floor zone 70mm
• Floor to ceiling 2,485mm – 5th floor
• Floor to ceiling 2,381mm – 6th floor
• Ceiling void 455mm – 5th floor
• Ceiling void 498mm – 6th floor
• Slab to slab height 3,010mm – 5th floor
• Slab to slab height 2,949mm – 6th floor

Noise Rating
Subject to further clarification the property has been designed to operate, whilst producing low levels of noise emission. This property is assumed to comply with the following noise ratings:
• Offices (open plan) NR38
• Reception NR40
• WC areas NR40

These ratings are industry recognised standards and provide a low level of noise emission from the base build services.

Entrance Hall
The reception entrance hall is recently refurbished. The floor is finished in homed limestone, setting the standard for the quality of installation. Plasterboard walls and ceilings provide a crisp appearance to the area with integral feature lighting integrated within the ceiling. At present, security is provided at the property’s reception desk. Clarification should be sought from the Landlord regarding security provision and receptionist duties / working hours.

WC / Bathroom Facilities
Disabled WC facilities are positioned on the ground floor and there are two further at higher levels. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main washbasin area. Ceramic washbasins are set on vanity units with large areas of illuminated mirrored glass. The ceilings have been installed with a plaster finish providing a clean design finish and containing recessed downlights.

• Unisex showers are provided on the fifth floor, for those members of staff who either choose to cycle into work or those running and / or using local gym facilities throughout the day.

Cycle Provisions
A designated cycle store room is provided.

Raised Floors
Medium grade, full accessible raised floors are provided throughout the floor. Floor tiles are 600mm x 600mm wrapped galvanised steel on adjustable pedestals. Floor voids are 70mm.

The ceilings are covered by a fully demountable suspended ceiling with a slim-line grid and 600mm x 600mm perforated metal ceiling tiles. The ceiling void is estimated to be up to 500mm at its deepest point (excluding dropped beam locations). To increase acoustic performance, your partitions can be extended through the ceiling void and fix directly to the structural soffit. When combined with an additional layer of plasterboard to these walls, your protection against noise transfer will be most effective.

All walls and columns are dry-lined with a painted finish which is in accordance with industry standards.

Doors, Frames & Skirting
Skirting is formed of 100mm timber veneer. Doors are solid core, timber veneered and stainless steel ironmongery. Doors to plant areas / risers are solid core veneer doors.


Building Regulations require there to be ‘adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building’. The requirements for fresh air ventilation rates are outlined in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations 2000. The purpose of ventilation is simply the removal of ‘stale’ indoor air from a building and its replacement with ‘fresh’ outside air. Despite pollution increasing levels of the regulations assume that the fresh external air is of a reasonable quality.

The regulations stipulate ventilation being required for one of the following factors:
• Provision of outside air for breathing
• Dilution and removal of airborne pollutants, including odours
• Control of excess humidity (arising from water vapour in the indoor air)

As well as these, ventilation also assists in the control of thermal comfort. Within this property fresh air ventilation has been provided by opening windows and natural ventilation.

HVAC – Modifications
It is proposed a new VRV system to the 6th floor demise to suit the tenant’s layout. The existing VRV system to the tenant’s demise on the 5th floor will need to be modified to suit the proposed layout.

Electrical Services – Design Criteria
• Standard power allowance for future tenant under floor power – 25 w/m²
• Lighting allowance – base build

The above design criteria are in keeping with industry standards and will cover your own requirements. In order to verify this, we shall undertake a load calculation once the full scope of your IT requirements are finalised.

Electrical Services
Distribution is from local area boards. As previously advised, a raised access floor has been installed throughout the floors with a floor void depth of 70mm. The raised access floor provides a workable solution to enable the installation of recessed floor boxes or grommets throughout complete with all power and data cabling concealed within the floor void. We anticipate your Landlord will provide you with a contribution for small power on the basis of 1 no. floor box per 10m².

Lighting – Design Criteria
Lux levels are a measure of the level of lighting in a building or area of a building. The following lighting design criteria have been established for the property:
• Office areas 400 lux at desk level
• Corridor / WC areas 150 lux at desk level
• Reception 400 lux at desk level
• Plant rooms 100 lux at desk level

Fire Alarm System

A fully automated addressable fire alarm system is installed to automatic detection covering all escape routes, rooms opening onto escape routes and areas classified as high risk in accordance with BS5839, as an L2 type (life level) system. Sounder bases are located throughout the floor to suit the open plan layout and would need to be modified and supplemented to ensure an average of 65db is achieved throughout the entire office space included as Part of your fit-out.The existing installation will need modifying in accordance with the systems design criteria as required by BS5839 part 1 2002 and Building Control Regulation B1 providing L2 coverage.

There is currently no data cabling installed throughout the floor. The floor has unrestricted floor and ceiling access for the installation of your requirements and provides us with no concern regarding cable distances and system performance. The building is served by a dry riser for comms connections between the 5th and 6th floors

There are 4 no. passenger lifts. One lift is designated as a goods lift outside peak periods. We anticipate this can be utilized for the passage of materials providing adequate protection is applied to the lift and surrounding areas. All deliveries are coordinated with the building management.

Factors of Occupation
A factor of occupation is a statutory regulation that limits the potential headcount in a property. Detailed appraisal of the factors of occupation will assist you in identifying your occupancy levels and potential how these may be increased.

There are no restrictions regarding ventilation due to the openable windows.

WC Provision
5th floor – male – 2 no. urinals, 3 no. WCs, 4 no. wash-hand basins
5th floor – female – 3 no. WCs, 3 no. wash-hand basins
5th floor – unisex shower
6th floor – female – 3 no. WCs, 3 no. wash-hand basins, 1 no. shower

Fire escapes
With regard to the fire strategy for the property this is under investigation. As the property is well established and occupied by numerous tenants we have every reason to believe that there is an agreed fire strategy in place which will comply with Building Control requirements. We will report on this aspect in more detail in the next few days.


14,000 sq ft
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