3 Harbour Exchange
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Harbour Exchange Docklands Offices - Maris Building Expertise - Office Relocation - 1

3 Harbour Exchange

3 Harbour Exchange is located within the prestigious Harbour Exchange Development. South Quay and Crossharbour Docklands Light Railway and the Jubilee underground station are all close by. Canary Wharf’s extensive retail and leisure facilities are also within a 10 minute walk.

Design Considerations/Architectural
Fit Factor
The floor has some challenges due to the asymmetrical shape of the floor, core and regular columns throughout the floor plate which affect ease of planning.

Good daylight to perimeter, especially the rear of the building, which has clear views to the Dome. The front of the building overlooks adjacent buildings which does restrict natural daylight.

Flex / Multi-Tenant Provision
Flexibility for multi-tenant use is easily achievable should this be a requirement by lobbying the lift and WCs

First Impressions – Reception
The reception area is small and is in need of refurbishment. The floors are of a stone finish with painted walls. The reception desk is a laminate finish with simple compact light fittings. The reception desk is manned by security, however there are no turnstiles for security

General Finishes
The reception is in need of refurbishment to align with adjacent buildings. Upper tenant’s lift lobbies are of painted finish with carpeted floors which would also benefit from refurbishment. The 8th floor requires a full strip out and return to CAT A finish, however the 9th and 10th floors have been returned to CAT A and is freshly decorated with new or refurbished elements in good condition

WCs are to an average specification with tiled floors and walls. There is a shower on level 10 and disabled WCs on the 8th and 9th floors. Bike racks are available

General Comment / Summary
The building reception area and lift lobbies are in need of refurbishment to bring in line with the adjacent buildings. The 9th and 10th floors have been refurbished to a good standard and this should be continued to the 8th floor, which requires the previous fit-out to be removed. The building benefits from good natural light and views over the Dome

Technical Considerations
WC / Bathroom Facilities
All Floors: Male: 3 no. WCs; 2 no. urinals; 3 no. wash-hand basins. Female: 4 no. WCs; 3 no. wash-hand basins; DDA WCs on 8th and 9th floors

10th floor

Cycle Provisions
Spaces available

Car Parking Provisions
Car parking available in basement. Unknown quantity currently available

Raised Floors
600mm x 600mm metal encased raised access floor tiles on pedestals

Floor Void

New 600mm x 600mm metal ceiling tiles in exposed grid to the 9th and 10th floors. Existing 600mm x 600mm concealed grid metal tiles with central dropped bulkhead to provide additional air conditioning.

Floor To Ceiling Height

New white painted core walls to the 9th and 10th floors. Existing white painted core walls to the 8th floor.

Doors, Frames & Skirtings
Full height white painted doors and frames; 100mm white painted timber skirting.

3 no. 12 person passenger lifts, 1 of which can be protected and used as a goods lift for up to 1,000kg. There are 2 no. small Fireman’s lifts.

The reception is manned by 24 hour security 7 days a week. Access control will be required onto the floors to provide security from the lift lobbies

Existing Building Infrastructure – Mechanical
Air Conditioning – System
Existing standard variable air volume (VAV) system which has had new Belimo actuators fitted to the existing carrier boxes. There is also a low temperature hot water pipe work system installed for heating of the air when required

Air Conditioning – Age
Refurbished VAV system

Cooling Capacity For Small Power
20 watts / m2

Cooling Capacity For Lighting
15 watts / m2

Ventilation / Fresh Air Availability
Assumed 1.2 litres / second / m2

Perimeter Grilles
Linear grilles

Internal Grilles
600mm x 600mm square grilles

Potential Routes To & Locations Of Condensers
Roof plant space is available

Fully sprinkler protected building

Building Management System
Landlord Building Management System (BMS)

Existing Building Services Infrastructure – Electrical
Fire Alarm
Single-stage evacuation alarm system, which operates through all tenancies to BS 5839

Small Power
Small power: 20 watts / m2

Lighting Design Criteria
Lighting: 15 watts / m2

Lighting Systems
600mm x 600mm LG3 light fittings to the 9th and 10th floors. 600mm x 600mm standard CAT 2 light fittings to the 8th floor

Lighting Switching & Controls
A new lighting control system has been installed with passive infra red (PIR) switching to the 9th and 10th floors, this will enable individual control to all rooms. Main bank switching to the 8th floor which should be upgraded to match the 9th and 10th floors

Daylight Saving
Separate switching to perimeter lighting

A range of incoming service providers including BT / Colt


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Hammerson PLC
Letting Agents
Knight Frank