150 Cheapside
179,732 sq ft

150 Cheapside

150 Cheapside has been designed and constructed to a very high standard. 150 Cheapside is arranged over the basement, lower ground and ground to 8th floors. The office accommodation is from the lower ground floor, 1st to 8th floors with lower ground and basement storage and offers 179,732 sq ft (net). There are 5 retail units at ground and lower ground floors totalling 22,023 sq ft.

Maris Expertise
The Landlord’s Consultants are well known to Maris and we foresee that our existing lines of communication and understanding of their detailed and comprehensive approval process will certainly assist in achieving Landlord consent for your proposed works. Ww have completed a 12,000 sq ft office design & fit-out project for DZ Bank at 150 Cheapside. Their space, on the top floor, boasts full height windows which baths the space in natural light and allows magnificent view of one of London’s most iconic landmarks, St Pauls.

Maris created a scheme for DZ Bank, similar to that of their New York and Berlin offices, that showcased their vast art and sculpture collection and made the best use of the natural light and amazing views.

General Structure
The foundations are a piled raft design. The existing retaining walls are underpinned and extended. The superstructure consists of 650-750mm dia. Concrete columns with a 350mm post tensioned slab.

Floor Loading
Offices 3.5KN / m2 (+1KN)

The elevations on the east and west facades are double glazed with high performance solar control glass and Portland stone and internal blinds. The south façade has a passive climate wall comprising double glazed inner and single glazed outer panels with adjustable blinds in the ventilated cavity.

Levels 3 & 4 Passive Façade
The glazing system comprises clear low iron outer glazing with clear double low E inner glazing with a Venetian blind located within the ventilated cavity. The blind position is circa 100mm from the inner double glazed unit.

Planning module 1.5m x 1.5m
Column grid 9m centres
Raised floor zone 150mm
Floor to ceiling 2,700mm
Slab to slab height 3,400mm

Noise Rating
Landlords provide clarification that their property has been designed to operate, whilst producing low levels of noise emission. This property is confirmed to comply with the following noise ratings:
Offices (open plan) NR38
Atrium NR45
WC areas NR40

These ratings are industry recognised standards and provide a low level of noise emission from the base build services.

Entrance Hall
The glazed façade of 150 Cheapside cannot fail to catch the attention of the passerby. Those who step inside will immediately experience a sensation of light and space. A red Japanese silk interlayer and illuminated glazed screen behind the reception desk make a bold design statement, whilst the cream marble floor and walls confirm this is a high quality building. The double height reception leads to six passenger lifts, including three glazed scenic lifts, servicing all office floors.

A refuse and recycling bay is provided with direct access to Foster Street and internal access from the main south stair core.

WC / Bathroom Facilities
WC / bathroom facilities on each floor are located in the Landlord’s common areas. Male, female and disabled WC facilities are positioned to the east of the main stair / lift core. The WCs are finished to a high quality with ceramic tile finish to the floors and walls in the main washbasin area. Ceramic washbasins are set on vanity units with large areas of illuminated mirrored glass. All sanitary ware is glazed white ceramic with a chrome finish.

Unisex showers are provided on the lower ground floor, incorporating lockers and changing facilities for those members of staff who either choose to cycle into work or those running and / or using local gym facilities throughout the day.

Cycle Provisions
A designated cycle store room is provided at lower ground mezzanine floor level, accessible by lift. The bicycle store room is for use by the entire building and has space for 104 cycles. Staff can also make use of unisex shower facilities provided at the same level.

Raised Floors
The floor comprises a fully accessible medium-duty raised access floor (metal-clad over solid timber core) with an overall zone of 150mm (inclusive of floor pan and finish thickness) typically.

Proprietary white perforated metal suspended ceiling tiles on a 750mm modular grid. The tiles are demountable and are suspended from a primary and secondary grid on wires. The ceiling system incorporates linear light fittings (incorporating grilles), smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, motion detectors etc. mounted within the ceiling tiles. PA speakers are mounted on top of the ceiling tile.

The borders and perimeter zone has plasterboard on a MF suspended ceiling system incorporating perimeter down lights, linear grilles and mesh fabric roller blinds to all sides except the southern aspect which has external metal mesh blinds incorporated within the passive façade. The ceiling has been designed to allow partitioning on a 1.5m module. No suspended ceiling zone has a cavity height of 800mm or more.

Ceiling voids above 800mm in depth are required by Building Regulations to include for additional void protection, a matter that would be covered by your Landlord, had it applied.The ceiling void will be segregated into zones to avoid the unnecessary cross-over of your air conditioning, ventilation, sprinkler and lighting services. Ceiling voids of this size allow easy access should the services require alteration and / or modification to suit your proposed office design.

All walls and columns are dry-lined with a painted finish which is in accordance with industry standards.

Doors, Frames & Skirting
All doors leading from the Office space into the lift lobby or toilet core are fully glazed with glazed side lights. The doors to the offices have floor springs and no locks are fitted. However, provision is made for the Tenants to install their own security maglocks with a swipe card system. Doors leading off the Office floors to the North Core are sycamore veneered, solid core flush doors with fire resisting glazed vision panels where required. Matching hardwood frames and architraves. Ironmongery including overhead doors is brushed stainless steel.

Mechanical Services

The heating and cooling system within the property is commonly referred to as a 4-pipe fan coil system. In practical terms, the heating, cooling and ventilation are all distributed by central plant, consisting of chillers, boilers and air handling units which serve all floors via the mechanical riser. The fan coil units are located within the ceiling void above the line of the suspended ceiling.

Conditioned air is supplied via the fan coil units where air is heated or cooled accordingly before being delivered to the office space via insulated ductwork connected to 3-slot linear diffusers positioned in the plasterboard margins around the perimeter of the floor.

The provision of fresh air at 12 l/s per person is a good allowance and meets with our expectations for a modern property.

Electricity Supply

Power supply has been sized to accord with loads identified within this guide and are provided at high voltage via supply company ring main units. These are on a single high voltage ring circuit. Provision is made for standby generation to provide resilience against a supply failure.

In addition photovoltaic cells are installed on the west elevation light shelves and also on the top of the main lift shafts. These provide electricity directly back into the distribution system.

Electrical Installation
Electrical Installations are designed to comply with BS7671. Electrical supplies are made available at 400/230V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz with a voltage tolerance as stated by the Regional Electricity Company.

High Voltage Electrical Intake
The building is supplied at high voltage from a single EDF 11,000volt ring main. An HV intake room is located at ground floor level to accommodate EDF ring main units. These provide HV feeds to Landlords packaged substations located in a switch-room at basement level. An existing EDF network substation is located at ground floor level off Foster Lane adjacent to the loading bay.

Standby Generation

Standby generator for the Landlords services is supplemented with provision for two additional generators providing a total of 3 MVA. A 350 kVA standby generator at basement level is provided to support life safety systems and other Landlord’s basic services such as circulation lighting, security and return of lifts to ground floor. Mechanical plant is not generator supported. The generator is located at basement level in a dedicated room.

Additional rooms are provided at basement level and provision is made for two 1500kVA generators to be installed to serve the Tenant requirements if required. Bulk oil storage tank is provided at basement level for a minimum of 24 hours operation of both the Landlords and Tenants generators.

Oil delivery is via a fill point within ground floor loading bay.


Lighting to the office areas is by modular air handling recessed high frequency fluorescent luminaires utilising T5 lamps. The lighting is fully compliant with CIBSE LG7 (2005).

Lighting is switched by a lighting control system from passive infra red movement detectors (PIRs) and the lighting control system provides timed facilities for each floor to set occupancy, cleaning and security times. The system is capable of upgrading to provide individual addressable control of each luminaire from a central PC, additional PIRs, hand-held transmitters and telephone linking.

In Landlord’s areas, lighting is manually controlled via local switches. Lighting on stairs is linked to the office area control system so that stairs are lit whenever any of the office lighting remains on. Toilet lighting is controlled by presence detectors.

Lighting for maintenance and operation purposes is provided at roof levels and all other access areas. Lighting is provided within electrical risers.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting installations comply with the requirements of BS 5266-1:1999. They are designed to maintain the following levels of illumination for a minimum period of three hours:

Open plan areas: 0.5 lux minimum
Escape routes: 0.2 lux minimum

Emergency lighting is currently installed to suit an open plan layout with a number of recessed Luminaries complete with integral 3 hr battery pack. Illuminated Exit signs are installed above each exit door.

Fire Alarm System
An analogue addressable integrated fire detection and voice alarm system is provided to BS.5839-1:2002 Type L1. This covers all office areas. Interfaces are provided at each retail unit to transfer alarms to and from the main building system. The system is configured for single phase evacuation as determined by the fire strategy for the building. Alarm annunciation is via voice announcements.The main display panel is located in the ground floor security/fire control room with repeater panels at fire fighting entrances as dictated by the Fire Officer. A common fire indicator is provided on the main reception desk.

Sprinkler System
The building is fully sprinkler protected complying with BSEN 12845 and LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations with life safety provision. The following areas only are not sprinkler protected:

Transformer chambers
Electrical switchrooms
Oil storage rooms
Communications intake rooms
Lift machine rooms

Hazard classification will be OH3 5mm / min / m2 over 216m2.

Duplicate incoming water mains feed twin builders work fire water storage tanks with a total capacity of 185m3 located at basement level.
Twin electrically driven duty and standby fire pumps serve a single wet sprinkler control valve located at ground level. Each individual floor and risk areas are provided with separate zone valves.

Heads are fast response type. All monitored valves, flow switches and pump status indications are interfaced with the building fire alarm system. Offices and retail units are sprinkler protected. The retail units have blanked off connections to the installation, to be extended by Tenants fit out. The Service Area, Car Park and Basement areas are also sprinkler protected.

There is currently no data cabling installed throughout the floor. The floor has unrestricted floor and ceiling access for the installation of your requirements and provides us with no concern regarding cable distances and system performance. A number of ducts are installed from the basement to the street to allow for future provision of telephone and cable connections by the tenants. Dedicated communications risers are provided with cable trays and cable baskets installed.

Six 26 person passenger lifts travelling at 1.6m per second serve lower ground to eighth floors inclusive with a waiting time of 24.5 seconds. Calculations show that this lift configuration achieves a ‘Very Good’ level of service as defined by CIBSE Guide D 2000.

Two fire fighting lifts are provided with protected lobbies to all floors.
One 2,000 kg good lift is provided to serve all floors from the loading bay.
One car lift is provided between street level and basement car park.
One 1,800 kg motorcycle bicycle lift is provided between the loading bay and basement mezzanine cycle parking.
One 1,275 kg capacity goods lift accessed from the ground floor loading bay to retail units.

An access control / door alarm system is provided to control doors between public and back of house areas at ground floor. In addition, all exterior doors at ground floor are monitored with alarm contacts. Access to the car lift and the bicycle lift will be via coded security cards connected to the main security system.

An entry-phone facility is provided between the service bay and the reception desk. A conduit system is provided to enable the future installation of a proximity card access control system to all final doors into Tenant areas. Security turnstiles are provided in the main entrance reception. These provide a high level of security for both Tenants and Visitors.

A Landlord’s colour CCTV system is provided with cameras to monitor critical ground floor points including the loading bay, car park, motorcycle/cycle store and roof. Display and control is located at the security/fire control room with a repeat monitor at the reception desk.
Recording is to hard disk.

The design of the building has a BREEAM 2005 rating of ‘Excellent’. The fit out works will be designed and developed to accord with this aim and any specification will be in accordance with the environmental policy for the building.


179,732 sq ft
St. Martin’s Property Investments Ltd
Letting Agents
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