125 Old Broad Street
319,736 sq ft

125 Old Broad Street


125 Old Broad Street is a joint venture development from Hammerson PLC, Bank of Ireland and GE Real Estate. The scheme, designed by GWM Architects provides approximately 319,736 sq ft of Grade A office space arranged over 26 floors, with 6,749 sq ft of retail and restaurant accommodation on the ground floor. Considered a landmark building due to its proximity to the Bank of England and recent refurbishment.

Maris Expertise
Maris has completed two office design and fit-out projects in 125 Broad Street. A 5,500 sq ft project for Uria Menendez where the office design echoed elements of the visual language from the Madrid office in the London fit-out project. Also Maris fitted-out the offices of Arden Partners where Maris achieved a light, transparent fit-out whilst working within the constraints of the property.

Planning Grid
Office floors are designed on a 2,050mm planning grid

Sanitary Provision
High quality WC facilities are provided throughout the building.
Toilet provision is based on 1 person per 12m2 on a 50:50 gender split.

Structural Loads
Office: 3kN/m2 (+1kN/m2 for partitions)
Entrance areas: 5kN/m2
Plant rooms: 7.5kN/m2

8 lifts in the tower are separated into 2 groups of 4. One group serves levels 6 – 16 and the second serves 16 – 26. The atrium contains 3 fully glazed scenic lifts serving all floors up to level 6. The goods lift serves every floor in the tower and there are firefighting lifts in both the tower and podium. A vehicle lift and combined motorcycle and bicycle lift transports cars and bikes to the parking spaces in the basement. A car park shuttle lift connects the basement areas to the ground floor entrance lobby.

High rise (levels G, 16 – 26): 4 x 17 person – 7m/sec
Medium rise (levels G, 6 – 16): 4 x 7 person – 3.5m/sec
Low rise (levels G – 6): 3 x 17 person – 1.75m/sec
Goods lift (levels B3 – 26): 1 x 2,500kg – 2.5m/sec

Firefighting lifts (tower): 1 x 8 person (630kg)

Key Vertical Dimensions (13th floor only)
Raised floor void: 85mm including depth of raised floor tile
Floor to ceiling height: 2,480mm
Ceiling void 305mm
Slab to slab height: 2,870mm (to be verified)

Raised Access Floor
Raised access floor comprises fully accessible raised modular floor system comprising of 600mm square steel encased tiles mounted on pedestals.

Suspended Ceilings
The ceilings are metal perforated tiles set on a 2,050mm planning grid.
Full access is provided to the ceiling void via the metal ceiling tiles, which are interchangeable and capable of accepting supplementary fittings.

Design Criteria of Services
Space temperature: 22oc +/- 1.5oc
Ventilation rate: 12 litres/ per second/ per person
Design criteria: 1 person per 10m2

Design Loads
Lighting: 12W/m2
Small power: 25W/m2
Additional cooling: 15Wm2 over 25%
Capacity: net lettable area
Upgrade path for additional 250kW chiller

Fan coil density
Perimeter zones: 1/ 18m2
Internal zones: 1/ 36m2

Artificial Lighting Design Criteria
A maintained luminance level of 350-400 lux is provided on the office floors via LG7 compliant recessed light fittings.

Office Air Conditioning
2-pipe fan coil system with electric re-heat.

Electrical Engineering Systems
The principle of the electrical engineering services distribution is that from each transformer, busbars or cabling will distribute electricity through the building by dedicated core risers. The enables each floor to be sub-divided. Final circuit distribution boards have been located at each floor in each riser to provide a flexible solution for tenant’s fit-out. An additional riser is provided in the podium to allow further flexibility and sub-division.
Small power loading of 25W/m2.
Dual incoming HV power supplies (each at 3 MVA) to provide 100% standby provision.
A 0.5 MVA generator located at roof level provides life safety systems standby power.
The building allows for the installation of a tenants generator (1 MVA).
Sub metering of tenant floors is provided.

Life Safety Systems / Sprinklers
We understand the building is classified within Section 20 of the London Building Acts. Therefore all office areas, storage and basement plant areas are provided with automatic sprinkler installations in accordance with BS 5306 Part 2, the Loss Prevention Council requirements and in agreement with Building Control.

Fire alarm
Sprinkler system with fast response heads.
Disabled refuge intercom.
Mechanical and natural smoke ventilation.
Wet risers.
Fire fighting shafts incorporating dedicated lifts.


319,736 sq ft
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