10 Portman Square
113,549 sq ft

10 Portman Square

10 Portman Square is situated in the heart of London’s West-End. It is Maris Interiors LLP, the workplace design experts who have comprehensive knowledge of 10 Portman Square.

Maris Expertise
Maris has completed a 33,000 sq ft office design & fit-out project for Aramco Overseas Company | Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd at 10 Portman Square. The design specification called for a high-end, high specification finish to reflect the aspirational, pro-active and driven DNA of AOC | SPOL. Maris have installed a self-supporting, elliptical staircase. This feature acts as a centrepoint for the office and allows easy access between floors.

British Land develops high-quality buildings in prime locations and then manages them to very high standards – 98% of their portfolio is let.

Sub Structure
A new piled foundation system has been installed to carry the proposed superstructure column arrangement.

The superstructure comprises a steel frame based on a 6m x 6m grid, with concrete floor slabs.

Composite unitised aluminium curtain walling system with dark bronze anodised finish, with generally a 3m horizontal grid. Main entrance doors: 2 no. 2.17m diameter, manual (with power assist) glass revolving doors with 1 no. powered disabled pass door.

Main lobby
Structural laminated glass fin support assembly to glazed entrance wall incorporating glazed bronze framed revolving doors and pass door

Terraces: inverted roof on concrete deck with either ballast or paving depending on location, with structural glass balustrades with bronze finished handrail. Roof: aluminium standing seam roof system.

As a building, 10 Portman Square has been designed with both active and passive features to ensure that sustainability has been high on the agenda when considering the positive aspects of the development. The mechanical systems of the building have been most affected by the need for sustainability using a ground source heat pump system for heat exchange that from a development point of view has opened up the roof for Nett-lettable space as opposed to large format chillers, but also acts as ‘free’ cooling with no external heat exchanging plant making it far more efficient. Additional items such as a PV solar array and high levels of fresh air supplied to the floor add to the energy efficiency of the building. The Building has achieved an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.


113,549 sq ft
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